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                 Hello there! I'm Hannah,  a mama of two sweet boys (pictured with the camera) and wife to the most loving soul.  My family is my world and through my love for them, I have found how  important it is to treasure every moment. That's where photography comes in; a single image can make a moment last for eternity.  Photographs are so much more than poses, prompted smiles, and lighting. Photos can show a person's greatest joys or deepest sorrows. Photos can show the depth of a relationship between souls who have faced battles together and the raw feelings of a person who has so much to say but can't find the words. I aspire to capture all of those beautiful intricacies and more through my lens.

                 I am a self-taught photographer located near Winchester, VA. Natural light helps to create the most magical of images so it's always my preference! 


                Aside from photography I have a love for our two pups (pets are family too), beekeeping, hiking, playing the piano & accordion (yes those still exist), collecting crystals, gardening, and reading. 


                 I look forward to learning and telling your unique story through images.


                              Keep scrolling to read about our wedding photography team!


Behind the lens


How did we start?

    "Capture every single moment, I don't want to miss a thing" - The words my husband (high school sweetheart), Joshua said to me the day before he left our baby and I to go to the other side of the world. The Army was sending him away, even though we already felt far away; we were living nearly 700 miles from our hometown. He said those words as he handed me a brand new camera that I was clueless about. For months it was simply my three-month-old, my camera, and I. When you're trying to keep your mind occupied, you learn fast. When you discover something that fills your soul with joy and creates a burning passion in your heart, you learn even faster. Looking back at that time in my life, I would have never imagined myself here, but there are no words to describe how grateful I am for this journey and for Joshua, who is the reason I discovered my passion for photography. 





Best friends,

Husband & wife

                 When you choose Hannah Keller Photography LLC for  your wedding you get not only one but two photographers. As a husband and wife photography team we balance each other while working together to ensure every moment possible is captured! Joshua is the comedic half of our team. If you need a laugh to calm your nerves he's your guy. He also has a gift for creating unique images. I am the other half of the team that is happy to help and direct things when wanted so that the day goes smoothly. I've helped lace up brides' dresses, Joshua has helped florists deliver flowers, we've made sure that the bride and groom have drinks when they need them, we've delivered handwritten notes before the ceremony, and so much more. We will do whatever it takes to help make each wedding day wonderful! Almost 7 years ago we too experienced the nerves before the ceremony, how overwhelming all the tiny details can be, and what a whirlwind a wedding day can be; we've been there, and we are here for you.  It's our mission to make sure that your celebration of love will be forever be cherished through beautiful images.

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